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Samuel J. Simmons NCBA Estates

We’re here to help you find affordable and comfortable housing for you or those you love.

Affordable Housing Overview

Established in1977, the NCBA Housing Management Corporation (NCBA-HMC) is the organization’s largest program and service to seniors. NCBA-HMC provides senior housing for over 500 low-income seniors with operations in Washington, DC, New Orleans , LA, Jackson, MS, Hernando, MS, Marks, MS, Mayersville, MS and Reidsville, NC. The program is funded by a grant from he US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Senior Democracy In Action

On Monday, September 10, 2018, the residents at Samuel J. Simmons, NCBA Estates came together to vote on and install their new resident’s council officers. The democratically-elected council plays a part in advancing and improving a broad range of issues commonly associated with an aging community.

NCBA encourages its tenants to become actively involved
in the Samuel J. Simmons, NCBA Estates resident’s council decision-making process, especially since they have firsthand knowledge of what is needed in their community. By developing
a productive working relationship, the residents and the resident’s council can flourish together.

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