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Samuel J. Simmons NCBA Estates

Positions in the SEE program are available in four levels, determined by the job description and skills required. 

Level I includes office assistance such as non-typing clerical work, messenger services and receptionist positions.

Level II includes more advanced office support such as computer/word processing clerk work, secretarial services and administrative assistance.

Level III includes experienced and specialized work, such as writers and editors, technical researchers and technical writers.

Level IV is for professionals with degrees and demonstrable expertise in specialty areas such as engineering and science.

Newcomers to the SEE Program will begin at the entry level hourly wage designated for the position to which he or she is assigned.  Positions are reviewed annually.  If a SEE employee’s position is renewed, wages will be increased by 50 cents per hour each year until the maximum hourly wage allotted for the position is reached.

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