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With all of the resources you need for employment with the senior environmental employment program (SEE).

SEE Overview

The Senior Environmental Employment, SEE Program, was established in 1984 for retired and unemployed 55+ professionals to support the U.S. EPA offices in a wide range of environmental issues.
NCBA ensures that applicants are qualified and available to provide the EPA with the following positions:
  • Professionals such as engineers, scientists, and accountants,
  • Technical such as grant specialists, writers, editors, tech researchers and writers,
  • Specialized clerical support
Positions in the SEE program are available in 3 Tier levels, determined by the job description and skills required.
For more information about the levels of employment and hourly wages under the SEE Program.

To read about one of our enrollee’s rewarding experiences under the SEE Program.

Key Information

Read about key requirements and information needed for a successful application.


Apply for the SCSEP program fill out the form provided in this link.

Enrolle Resources

Download key resources and forms to help you along in your application process.

SEE Program Staff Information

Headquarters information, phone number, hours of operation, and contact info.


Go to the SEE portal for the Enrollee Handbook and a wealth of information about your application

See Employment Opportunities

Information about available vacancies at SEE.

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